the company with high production of crude oil byproduct and natural gas

Coperate Social Responsibility

As part of our mandate, we develops and implements numerous social and charitable projects aimed at improving a high  quality of life and accelerating the economic development on the territories where our refinery often operates.

As part of this, ooo blagodarov-ojl, along with regional and local authorities. In 2007, our company signed an Agreement on Social and Economic Cooperation with the Government of our region, and is committed to its fulfillment.

In September 2010, ooo blagodarov-ojl was recognized for its active social and charitable work with an inclusion into the Register of Socially Responsible Companies of the Russian Federation.
Support for medical and educational institutions
We provides major assistance to medical, educational and cultural institutions located in the Turuhanskij City region. It also supports cultural, recreational, educational, and sport activities. ooo blagodarov-ojl  job-creating policy also helps to reduce the unemployment rate in remote areas of Turuhanskij City region. The company’s taxes also contribute to the local budgets.

Developing local communities
In order to minimize its negative impact on the lifestyle of indigenous peoples and other ethnic groups, the company takes into account the opinion of the local population regarding the locations of future production facilities, camps, and transportation infrastructure.

The company provides community aid as part of the regional program «Organization and Protection of Native Habitats and Traditional Lifestyles of Indigenous Peoples of the Turuhanskij region for 2013–2015».

Sponsorship and charity
The refinery pays special attention to providing financial assistance to children and child institutions. In accordance with the agreement between Irkutsk Oil Company and the Irkutsk regional branch of the Russian Children’s Fund, the company supports orphans and children with disabilities living in the north of the Angara region. The refinery regularly sponsors educational, recreational, sports activities, and the construction of playgrounds. Its employees do not remain on the sidelines, but take an active part in its social events.


Oil Refining

Our refinery plant produces petroleum products with high-quality performance and environmental characteristics, including motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, etc

Gas Production

Gas processing plant of our Company is an up-to-date complex enabling to produce dry stripped gas and liquid hydrocarbons which are widely used in the industrial and business activity in Russia.


We operates oil fields which are located in strategic location across Russia oil field. In the upstream sector, we are committed to ensuring production volumes which allows it to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources.

Manufactured Products

Fuel Oil
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Mazut M100
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Diesel Fuel
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Liquified Petroleum
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Liquefied Gases
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Minimum Quantity Order:One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Metric Tons.

Jet Fuel
Minimum Quantity Order: Five Hundred Thousands (500,000) Barrels.

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