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Founded in 2006, We are a major producer of crude oil, synthetic rubbers and other chemicals products in the Russian Federation. The main production facilities are located in Turuhanskij City of Russia Federation.
The range of products output comprises more than 120 items. Major commodities are:
- crude oil byproducts ( Liquified gas, Gasoline, diesel fuel, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquid paraffin, bitumen, marine fuel, fuel oil, linear alkyl benzene, sulfuric acid, liquefied gases, roofing and waterproofing materials)
- general purpose and specialty synthetic rubber;
- other petrochemical produce (ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, alpha-olefins, surfactants, etc)
Our refinery currently occupies one of the leading position among domestic producers of crude oil byproduct and synthetic rubber.

Our strategic development program of our company that have been approved by the Board of directors consists of the following: strengthening the Company's positions as a producer of a wide range of synthetic rubbers, in domestic and worldwide markets; transformation into a major player in the field of production and sales of a wide range of plastics; setting up large-scale facilities for production of basic monomers and a wide range of advanced refined products.

Our Company occupies the leading position in the gas-petrochemical complex of the Turuhanskij City, availability of highly qualified staff and powerful production base are the guaranties of OOO "BLAGODAROV-OJL further successful operation.

Manufactured Products

Fuel Oil
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Mazut M100
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Diesel Fuel
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Liquified Petroleum
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Liquefied Gases
Minimum Quantity Order: Fifty Thousands (50,000) Metric Tons.

Minimum Quantity Order:One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Metric Tons.

Jet Fuel
Minimum Quantity Order: Five Hundred Thousands (500,000) Barrels.


Oil Refining

Our refinery plant produces petroleum products with high-quality performance and environmental characteristics, including motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation materials, etc

Gas Production

Gas processing plant of our Company is an up-to-date complex enabling to produce dry stripped gas and liquid hydrocarbons which are widely used in the industrial and business activity in Russia.


We operates oil fields which are located in strategic location across Russia oil field. In the upstream sector, we are committed to ensuring production volumes which allows it to maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of mineral resources.

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